Example Beauty post

You would put some text in here, as this is the content for the post.
i shall show you an example of what a post looks like… watch.

Notice how the “Semi-Permanent makeup” page, only has posts for the “Semi-Permanent makeup” posts?

It automatically adds the image to the top of the Post, as it has a featured images. The featured image is attached to the post.

The drops Caps (big first letter) is attached specifically to the options available when you have clicked inside the text

As we are adding a post to the Beauty section, and don’t want it appearing anywhere else, we need to tell it what it is. clicking on the cog shows the settings for the post. And we are assigning the post “document” to a category and tag. so choosing “document” on the right to find the settings we need.

I’ve selected the categories it applies to. services & beauty.
I’ve selected Add new tag, then entered Beauty then press enter.
if you type the first 4 letters of the tag, and it doesn’t find it, its not available and needs “add new” i.e skin is available.

When completed click Publish at the top. Then if sure, click publish again. If changes are made after publishing (like now) choose “Update” to apply the changes.

As we did not assign an featured image, there isn’t a background on the grid, nor the top of the post. So we can add one as follows.

In the post, choose “Document” on the right.
then scroll down until “featured Image”
click “Set-featured image”
Choose the image (or upload new if not avialble) then click select at the bottom right.

It should now be attached. so the page needs saving (update!).

Remember, if the window you’ve made changes to was open, you will need to refresh it with the refresh button or by pressing F5 when the window is open and selected.